Did you know?…Youth are, regularly, held in deplorable conditions of solitary confinement in US adult jails & prisons?

“Trays up!” the CO yells. It’s about 5 am, and breakfast trays are here. I’ve been up since midnight, studying the workbooks that a friend sent to me. When everyone is asleep, and the TV is off, it’s the quietest time, and I can really focus. As I get my tray every morning, I ask …

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How the Maker Movement Is Moving into Classrooms

From the pedagogy of educational theorists and design thinkers to the passion of tinkers and hobbyists, the Maker movement finds its way into mainstream education.

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Some Kids Were Never Reported Missing Prior to Recent FBI Trafficking Bust


““The 168 juveniles recovered last month during an FBI child sex trafficking bust included some kids who had never been reported missing, a population that law enforcement encounters often and that child welfare advocates say they’re especially concerned about.”…


“But advocates say the recent roundup and others like it reinforces the need for a standardized approach to report children as missing — especially those absent from state foster care systems who are most vulnerable to abuse. State and federal efforts are underway to streamline how police are alerted when kids go missing.


“This has been a movement that I would say over the last year has really galvanized,” said John Ryan, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Legislation pending in Congress would require child welfare agencies to alert police and the center, which has specialized response teams and other resources, within 24 hours of receiving information about a child’s disappearance.


The current patchwork of state and federal policies has yielded what advocates describe as a fractured safety net with little accountability.

Though states may have policies directing child welfare agencies to report missing children to law enforcement, most don’t have laws requiring that notification, according to the missing children center. That means children can disappear without police knowing they’re missing or being directed to look for them.

Federal law does require law enforcement agencies to enter missing children into the National Crime Information Center — a database available to law enforcement nationwide — but that presumes police are provided the names or have specific enough details about a child. A 2011 Government Accountability Office report said law enforcement agencies are having trouble getting timely information from state agencies.


The missing children center says it received more than 57,000

missing-child reports between 2009 and 2013, many of them considered endangered runaways. The center says 1 out of 7 endangered runaways reported to the center last year were likely child sex trafficking victims. And of the children reported missing to the organization last year who were also likely sex trafficking victims, about two-thirds were in the care of child welfare systems when they ran away.”…

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How old is too old to be considered a juvenile? – wreg.com

How old is too old to be considered a juvenile?
The Department of Justice is recommending raising the minimum age for those who can be tried as adults. Under the proposed plan, those as old as 24 years old could be treated as juveniles.

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Should Crying Babies Be Forbidden at Restaurants?

Is the message on this sign outside Old Fisherman’s Grotto, a Monterey, California restaurant, clear enough for you?

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5 examples of blended learning success | eSchool News

Blended learning, which is one of today’s most popular learning trends, has important implications for competency-based learning.

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Soar With Reading

Join Jack, Annie and JetBlue on a reading adventure! Check out the activities, videos, reading lists and more at SoarWithReading.com today!

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Musings of a Primary Teacher

Curricular, organizational, & other tidbits from a primary teacher

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

amplifying the voices of CA prisoners on hunger strike

Homeschool Around the World

One family's journey

Wandervogel Diary

Off-the-Grid but engaged with the world.


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